Modified Atmosphere


The modified atmosphere packaging, also known as MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP) is a revolutionary technology of food preservation.
Arises from the need to extend as much as possible the commercial life of the products, in order to facilitate the widespread distribution and prolong food preservation. Consists in the removal of the air present in the envelope containing the food and in its replacement with the inert gas, so as to reduce or eliminate the major degradation product.

The modified atmosphere packaging, sometimes referred packaging in protective atmosphere, provides an optimization of the conservation of the food product, without crushing and damaging the latter with a consequent better result also aesthetic.


Reduction or elimination of the use of preservatives and / or additives.

Prolonging the life of the food that makes it possible to optimize inventory management, reduced transportation costs, economies of scale or production less frequent but larger quantities of food.

Best presentation of the products that would be crushed and / or damaged by other preservation techniques.


The modified atmosphere packaging covers the needs of prolongation of the preservation of many foods, including meats, pre-cooked foods, meats, juices, wines, baked goods, fresh pasta.

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