Vacuum 33-50

External extraction vacuum packaging machines

Tecla Vacuum 33-50 professional vacuum packaging machine is a very reliable and fast work tool, it is designed to withstand even the most intense activities, versatile but very easy to use. Maintenance has been kept to a minimum to allow you to concentrate on your craft without interruption.

Vacuum 33-50 is equipped with an innovative double-bar sealing system that allows you to hermetically seal even thicker bags such as gusseted or triple-layer aluminum ones. The upper sealing bar remains raised during the suction phase (creation of the vacuum) so as not to crush the bag, further increasing the emptying speed. Only when it is time to seal the vacuum bag, the packaging machine automatically activates the bar, making it press forcefully against the other. The result is surprising: the welding has no imperfections and the vacuum seal is exceptional.

The new very fast 40 L/min vacuum pump, standard on this model, is designed to withstand high workloads and guarantees machine reliability. Two practical selectors allow you to adjust the sealing and cooling times to values other than the pre-set ones in order to obtain the best results even when the type of vacuum bag used varies: this, together with the double automatic sealing bar of generous dimensions (50 cm), allows you to vacuum pack virtually any food or product quickly and easily. The bodywork is made of satin stainless steel, a very resistant and easy to clean and sanitize material that will maintain its initial appearance for many years.

The assembly of all our vacuum machines takes place with artisanal care, exclusively in Italy, using only first choice components. The products are tested by a technician who also takes care of the visual inspection: only if everything is perfect can they leave the factory. And if something doesn't go right or if there are any problems with use, we are always available with an unbeatable technical assistance service.

For best results we recommend using our embossed vacuum bags but the machine can also package in smooth or cooking vacuum bags.

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Vacuum 33-50

External extraction vacuum packaging machines

Technical specifications
Model Vacuum 33-50
Voltage 230 Volt - 50 Hz
Watt 550 W
Solding bar 2x 500 mm
Vacuum pump New version - Self-lubricated - 40L/min 
Cycle Control Electronic board
Material Brushed stainless steel
Weight 24 Kg
Sizes 700 x 320 x 230 mm
Rules CE


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