Jolly System

External extraction vacuum packaging machines

The Jolly System vacuum packaging machine is reliable and takes up little space. It has been designed to be transported and stored easily but it is very powerful and robust because the technical solutions adopted derive from professional vacuum machines.

The bodywork is made of a high-resistance polymer which makes it durable over time and facilitates cleaning. The self-lubricating pump requires no maintenance or oil top-ups and is very powerful and high-performance. The pointer vacuum gauge indicates the degree of vacuum reached in real time and precisely.

The machine is easy to use because the controls are intuitive: vacuum packaging takes place in two touches! Simply insert the vacuum bag containing the product to be packaged and press the pump start button. Once the desired vacuum level has been reached, visible on the pointer indicator, simply press the sealing button to hermetically seal the bag and maintain the vacuum. In this way the user can both obtain maximum vacuum to extend the life of food in the refrigerator as much as possible and prevent the vacuum from crushing a delicate product, such as a slice of bread. With a practical nine-position knob it is possible to change the preset sealing time, increasing or decreasing it to use thicker or lighter bags than those supplied.

The assembly takes place with artisanal care, exclusively in Italy, using only first choice components. The products are tested by a technician who also takes care of the visual inspection: only if everything is perfect can they leave the factory. And if something doesn't go right or if there are any problems in use, we are always available with an unbeatable technical assistance service.

We recommend using our embossed vacuum bags but the machine can also package in smooth or cooking vacuum bags.

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Jolly System

External extraction vacuum packaging machines

Technical specifications
Model Jolly System
Power supply 230 Volt - 50 Hz
Watt 400 W
Solding bar 330 mm
Vacuum pump Self-lubricating Flow 15 L/min
Cycle Control Electronic board
Body High resistance polymer 
Weight 5 Kg
Sizes 370 x 300 x 160 mm
Rules CE


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