TV 41-2

Vacuum chamber packing

The vacuum packaging TV 41-2 is built entirely in stainless steel AISI 304/SB.

The vacuum chamber has a rounded inside corners for ease of cleaning.

The operating cycle is automatically controlled by the electronic board, the sealing bar is positioned on pneumatic pistons.

The machine can handle up to 10 independent programs with digital control panel. Two nozzles allow the use of the function of inert gas during the packaging.

It does not require latch cover as it features an innovative system.

TV 41-2

Vacuum chamber packing

Technical data
Digital controls  
Body Work INOX AISI 304/SB
Vacuum pump 12 mc/h
Sealing bar 1x410 mm
External dimensions 510x585x435h mm
Sized vacuum chamber 435x435x180h mm
Weight 46 Kg
Power grid voltage 230V - 50 Hz
Cover thickness 24 mm
Max power absorbition 750 W
Gas injection with two nozzles  
10 independent programs  


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