Vacuum everywhere: with our chamber vacuum machines it is possible to package with a chamber operation, in vacuum bags positioned outside the chamber and in containers. This allows you to also use products larger than those of the vacuum chamber.

We only use high quality components, which is why our machines last a long time.

The thickness of the lids has been increased in such a way as to make them very robust and cutting-edge technological solutions have also been used for the hinges and support springs. The mechanical lid lock switch found on other competitive machines has been replaced with a wireless sensor to prevent wear and tear and failure.

The electronic components have been isolated in such a way as to remain protected from humidity.

The molded tank makes cleaning the machine easier thanks to the absence of edges and welds. This allows the tub to be much more resistant to deformation.

Opening the machine for maintenance has been redesigned and is now really simple. We have inserted a system for expelling humidity from the pump oil which allows it to extend its useful life.

The vacuum is detected by a sensor that does not require calibration and makes it possible to set and detect the vacuum percentage instead of the suction time. On all countertop machines with a bar greater than 30 cm, the inert gas injection function for packaging in an ATM protective atmosphere is present as standard.

We have been producing and selling quality vacuum packaging machines since 1988. They are assembled with artisanal care, aesthetically checked and tested one by one before leaving the factory: we only want the best for our customers.

And if something doesn't go right after purchase, we are at your disposal with an unbeatable assistance service.

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